Last Chance To Have Your Say On Pay And Morale

South Yorkshire Police officers are being encouraged to have their say on pay, by completing the PFEW Pay and Morale Survey.

The deadline for submitting the survey is Monday 11 December. It is a critical tool in supporting the PFEW’s ongoing national pay campaign, as well as helping local lobbying in officers’ interests.

South Yorkshire Police Federation Chair Steve Kent’s message to officers was: “Please take the time out to do it. At the end of the day, I know there’s cynicism about it and I get it. But without this, we have very little evidence to put to politicians, to chief officers, as to the reality of what cops are feeling at the minute.”

He continued: “Frequently, when I go into meetings, inside force and outside force, I get challenged. People say: ‘Well where’s your evidence of this?’ when, for instance, I’m talking about certain groups of officers suffering poor morale. I say to them, ‘I don’t have it’ – but with this I do have it, and it’s very powerful when you can start showing the percentages of officers who are struggling.

“So I would encourage officers, when they get a minute, to fill it in. You should all have it emailed to you directly, but if not then they can go onto the Police Federation website and it’s there.”