“Bring an end to the bickering”, National Federation told

THE chairman of South Yorkshire Police Federation has urged national members of the Police Federation of England and Wales to stop infighting over the Fed’s internal review.

Neil Bowles called on both the national Federation and the Constables Central Committee to “stop bickering” and to “turn our attention to fighting for the future of our service together.”

The two sides are at loggerheads over the terms and conditions of the Fed’s internal review.

An extraordinary meeting of the Fed’s joint central committee was held on Wednesday 10 April. But both parties appear no closed to coming to an agreement.

Mr Bowles said this week: “We are here to represent our members, how does this benefit them?

“It is time to stop bickering. Both sides need to come together and sort it out. Then we can turn our attention to fighting for the future of our service together.”

The independent review of the Fed was set up in light of the ‘Plebgate’ scandal and will examine whether the staff association is value for money and providing effective leadership at local and national level.

The national PFEW chairman Steve Williams put out a statement this week stating “the Review will continue and is fully supported by the Inspectors and Sergeant’s Central Committees”.

He added: “I can inform you that the Chair, Sir David Normington CBE and the panel members will be holding their inaugural meeting with RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce which is managing the review) this coming Friday [12 April] to finalise terms of reference.

“Sir David and the panel together with RSA will be addressing Conference in May at Bournemouth to inform delegates how they intend to gather evidence and fully engage with the membership and key stakeholders.”

However Will Riches, chairman of the Constables Central Committee put out a conter statement. He said: “The Constables’ are deeply concerned that the situation of the ‘review’ as announced by Steve Williams could have grave consequences for the PFEW.

“A review which has not been correctly sanctioned with proper authority will have no credibility in the eyes of the government or support from the Members we all promise to represent.

The Constables’ have as previously stated declared the review to be ‘separate’ under JCC Standing order 16, a fact that the JCC Chairman refused to accept despite having no right or authority to do so.

The Constables Committee has already taken a decision to suspend subscription payments to the main body of the staff association.

It remains unclear how the matter will be resolved.